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Malaysia has strong cconomic Strength and good fundamentals. The country is rich in natural resources such as oil, gas, tin, timber, palm oil and rubber. Its GDP growth is aroung 4% – 5%. Unemployment rate is only at 3% – 4%. Inflation is around 5%. The Barisan Nasional government is pro foreign investment and employ pro business policies & liberal investment policies, Attractive tax structures.

The workforce in Malaysia is educated and productive. Wide use of English among the workforce, especially in business Legal and accounting practice based on the British system. The government has implemented a comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, including advanced skills training. The infrastructure in Malaysia is very well developed. Malaysia has a network of well-maintained highways and railways, well-equipped seaports and airports and high quality telecommunications network and services.

Conducive Environment to Doing Business. Malaysians are friendly and hospitable. The country has excellent housing, modern amenities, good healthcare and medical facilities and also excellent educational institutions including international schools for expatriate children. Malaysian cities such Kuala Lumpur and Penang has excellent shopping with goods from all over the world making it pleasurable to stay while conducting business in Malaysia.

Below are some businesses in Malaysia:

Landscape and garden design. is a landscape design company that specialises in garden design architecture and construction. Main services include constuction of water feature, koi pond, plant supply and garden design services.

Renovation contractor services. Renovationcontractor2u is a provider of renovation services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor with a complete range of renovation services including bathroom and kitchen renovation, garden landscaping, gate and fence, roofing and floor tiling, plaster ceiling and other general renovation works.

Business loan for SME. is a business loan consulting company comprising accountants, corporate finance consultants and loan consultants. Their main specialisation is helping Malaysia SME obtain business loan.

International Student Placement. provides student placement for international students interested in studying at a university and college in Malaysia. International students can find suitable universities in malaysia using their services which are 100% free. 

Interested to Study in Malaysia. If you are interested in studying in Malaysia, you may want to get the free services of as they are well connected to many colleges and universities in Malaysia and can ensure your application is hassle free.

Pinjaman Koperasi. If you are a government servant (kakitangan kerajaan) and you want pinjaman, you can contact They are specialising in loan to kakitangan kerajaan who are blacklist either with ctos or ccris. Among the koperasi affiliated with them are: kowaja, kowamas, gemilang, aid, mbsb, kospek and koperasi maju. Another company you can contact which provides similar services is is a pembiayaan koperasi untuk kakitangan kerajaan dan badan berkanun.

Pinjaman peribadi mudah. If you want to apply for personal loan, you can go to Their services include: pinjaman peribadi kakitangan kerajaan, pembiayaan peribadi pekerja swasta and pinjaman peribadi untuk blacklist.

Pinjaman Perniagaan Peniaga. If you want to borrow business loan or pinjaman perniagaan, you can always visit is a perunding pinjaman perniagaan company specializing in pinjaman perniagaan sme, pinjaman perniagaan bank and pinjaman modal.


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